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OTGW Colored :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 17 3 Coraline Doodles :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 4 6 The General's Nightmare :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 75 10 He's Been Waiting :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 24 14 That's not the Beldam :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 54 11 Pitch Doodles :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 70 13 Wet Fearling :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 14 3 Toothiana's Battle Wear :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 29 4 Toothiana's Formal Wear 5 :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 28 19 Toothiana's Formal Wear 4 :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 30 12 Toothiana's Formal Wear 3 :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 32 17 Toothiana's Formal Wear 2 :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 36 7 Toothiana's Formal Wear :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 26 4 North Doodles :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 25 6 Adopted Doodles :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 18 14 Rotg Business AU :iconmonsterbrush:MonsterBrush 54 19


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OTGW Colored
I told myself I'd color this someday and it looks like I did! You know the drill, please do not repost, alter, or use this without my permission. You can find the original here
Coraline Doodles

Coraline can be so sassy. I drew these from right to left, starting with the one in the top right corner in case anyone wants to track the changes I made as I continued to draw her face. 

He's Been Waiting
Chapter 3 of my RotG/Coraline crossover fic is up because I have no self-control, and this is possibly the creepiest Pitch I have drawn so far. (why do I keep doing these things?)
That's not the Beldam
Knowing Pitch, he probably ate her. 

Possible continuation of the crossover fic I wrote a few months ago that I just had to draw.

So I had my wisdom teeth removed today. It wasn't so bad, but I couldn't speak for a couple hours on account of my mouth being stuffed with gauze to help my bleeding gums. I communicated using my phone and laptop by typing out what I wanted to say. Here are a few highlights from the conversation I had with my friend and my sister (Cam is my sister):


Cam is a dumb ass.


Wanna see my teeth? The bottom ones had to be cut in half to be removed. There’s gums on them.


No idea. Also wisdom teeth have no purpose. No idea. No one could answer. I’ve never needed to chew anything that far back in my mouth. My spit is bloody.


Get me some glue. Matchy matchy. (I figured out which halves of my bottom teeth go together and wanted to fix them)


Shut up Cam. My gum holes are sore.

           Got stitches in my mouth for the bottom teeth. They were growing diagonally so yeah. They were basically ramming into the rest of my teeth like a pair of assholes. (after re-reading that, I now realize how wrong it sounds)


Proper punctuation is important Cam. Stop flaunting your ability to chew damn it. Don’t sit on my glasses.

Think the Tooth Fairy will visit if I put them under my pillow? If it’s a tooth and you put it under your pillow it’s viable for the exchange.

           I can taste the blood now. I’m not allowed to spit. I’m basically eating myself. 


I will punch you in the boob if you do that again, Cam. No duh. Shut up Cam. My face hurts almost as much as that pun. I will punch you in the boob. This pain medication is shit. It’s not fudging working. Face hurts. (the numbness started to wear off and I got a little grouchy)

           That would defeat the purpose of having the teeth removed in the first place. Cam. Just no. (Cam suggested that I replace my wisdom teeth with fake teeth containing spy gear)


This was a fun experience. Sort of. My face hurts a lot. But it was worth it, and now I have a handful of teeth to play with and two sisters to laugh at when it's their turn to get their wisdom teeth removed. I was not put under for the extraction so I wasn't loopy or delirious (I'm immensely relieved for this because who knows what crazy shit I might have said to my family about the fandoms I'm in). The most pain I felt came from the shots I was given to numb my face. Not sure why I'm writing a journal entry about this, but I wanted to share. 

If anyone hasn't had their wisdom teeth removed yet and has questions or concerns, feel free to ask away. I won't be going anywhere for a while.



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Chandler Bauer
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Guess who finally made a blob for my stuff!


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Bemozavr Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wow! I really like your arts!
TheCrazyRoleplayer Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So, I read the Coraline Pitch story....
I wish I could write that good XD
keep up the good work! :happybounce: La la la la 
MonsterBrush Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Tight Hug Daw shucks! Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
TheCrazyRoleplayer Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
actually, when is the next chapter?
sorry if i am impatient 
MonsterBrush Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
No idea XD I have about half of it written out, but with school starting up again it's a bit harder to dedicate a large chunk of time to writing more. I do have the illustration for what I think will be the next chapter done, unless the events in said illustration get moved to a later chapter. I'm not very good at planning these things. 
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TheCrazyRoleplayer Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
 5 seconds hug i can't wait until the next chapter
cjbolan Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016  Professional Filmographer
I like your art!! Do you do requests?
MonsterBrush Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I can do art trades if given suitable time and motivation. What kind of drawing did you have in mind?
landobaldur Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Professional General Artist
◖(◣☩◢)◗ *beep* *boop* ##.scanning environment.## *flies away*
MonsterBrush Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Noes! ... what just happened...? 
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